Victor Johnson

Product Manager, UX Nerd & Innovation Catalyst


The product of an international family and staggeringly stereotypical suburban childhood, I’ve always sought to understand and question human life beyond the rituals, patterns and social contracts that make it so fascinating to experience.

When I’m not being a jack of all trades techie, you will find me slutting it up with a book, singing in the shower, mainlining musicals, or treading the boards as a budding Improv comedian.

  • Date of birth
    January 29th 1981
  • Cities Lived
    Dallas, Austin, Colima, Sydney
  • Hobbies
    Theatre, Books, Improv, Travel

I am an American and New Zealand passport holder, currently living and working in Sydney, Australia since September 2014.

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Web Design

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Michael Stone


Global Product Manager - Intuit, Inc

2017 to present

Sydney, Australia

Global product managers are different from a typical product manager/owner as my role is to influence and evangelise customer and business needs in partnership with product managers and development teams across our global organisation – as opposed to partnering with a specific scrum team on a single feature-set of one product exclusively.

For the past six months, I have worked primarily on:

  • Strategy and launching of new features for QuickBooks Self-Employed and QuickBooks Online Payroll powered by KeyPay
  • Localisation for 3rd party payments integrations with QuickBooks Online
  • Exploring how to expand services for Top100 Accounting firms for QuickBooks Online for Accountants

To do this, I consolidated and presented product roadmap sessions, spent time observing customers on ‘follow-me-home’ visits, prepared business cases and presentations, defined feature requirements, provided iterative design feedback, conducted user testing, and developed product and feature benefit/positioning for go to market in partnership with product/sales/marketing/support teams around the world.

Apart from my role in product, I am also the lead Innovation Catalyst for our site, using my unstructured time to coach and promote the use of design thinking for problem solving and product development, including observational customer research, ideation, and rapid experimentation best practices with internal and external partners.

Sr. Customer Experience Specialist - Intuit, Inc

2014 to 2017

Sydney, Australia

One to two lines explaining the joys and challenges of being a supportability.

One to two lines talking about my journey from process refinement to broader customer experience work.

Key Projects and Successes:

  • 1
  • 2
  • 3

Line about previous roles held during this period (Supportability)

As product SME and Voice of Customer (VOC) owner for the QuickBooks ecosystem in Australia, I use data and customer focused insights to drive delight and help grow business for QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Self Employed.

I routinely collaborate with local and globally based product, sales, and marketing teams to represent the voice of customer and wield influence to drive customer focused product and experience change.

Key Achievements:

Selected for cross functional team to bring Quickbooks Self Employed to the Australian market. Recognized by leadership for outstanding contributions, from the first customer follow me homes to our launch just 12 weeks later. Deliverables included: tax compliance localisation research, BETA administration, establishing a Care process and procedure Wiki (shared globally), and a step by step regional launch checklist to be used in future launches (2016).

Defined regional product escalation process best practices, including the design of a specialized database for tracking, driving efficiency improvements (Average Escalation time to solve reduced from 62 days to 15) and customer delight (+30 TNPS for product defect issues) over 2 years (2015-17), receiving the CEO Care Club award for this effort (one of only six individuals recognized across Intuit).

As an Innovation Catalyst, I continuously promote and leads Design 4 Delight and other innovation related activities across the Australian business as a member of cross-functional AU Innovation Rethink team, including efforts to increase Unstructured time utilization and integrating D4D across the Australian business.

Served previously as Supportability Specialist, 2014-2017.

Development and Support Specialist - Intuit, Inc

2011 to 2014

Plano, Texas

One to two lines explaining the joys and challenges and role of DSS.

One to two lines talking about my journey from process refinement to broader customer experience work.

Key Projects and Successes:

  • 1
  • 2
  • 3

Line about previous roles held during this period (Contract/TSR/SSSS)

Performed QA testing against software changes, provided basic programming implementation for competitor software conversion programs, prepared test clients for form approval by state agencies, and conducted general performance testing to ensure product/process quality. Identified and reported product defects to Tax Development division. Provided support to clients on Lacerte, Intuit Tax Online, and QuickBooks (Pro Advisor) via chat, email, and phone; fielded questions regarding product features, performance, calculation, settings, and product operation.

Key Achievements:

• Strove to improve internal/external customer experiences through the writing and editing of knowledge base articles.
• Recognized by management for consistently exceeding client/employer expectations, earning Outstanding commendation for four consecutive quarters (awarded to fewer than 10% of Intuit staff).
• Achieved Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 82 in overall customer satisfaction in one quarter, outstripping next highest score by 11 points and driving up group’s average NPS by 2 points (13 member team)
• Selected to represent department during executive visits to observe support operations, including handling calls monitored by company founder on Tax Deadline day.

Served previously as Senior Service and Support Specialist (Lacerte/Quickbooks PAP), 2013; Technical Service and Support Representative (Lacerte), 2012-2013; and Seasonal Technical Support Representative (Lacerte), 2011-2012

Customer Service Specialist - Lennox International


Richardson, Texas

Fielded inbound customer calls regarding heating, cooling, and air quality units and parts, supporting HVAC technicians serving commercial and residential clients. Leveraged strong technical aptitude and troubleshooting skills to provide excellent service. Researched and communicated detailed information on units, parts, warranties, prices, and availability.

Key Achievements:

• Recognized for exceptional performance, often exceeding average call volume and customer availability statistics of senior employees; ranked among top 5% of employees for volume and quality reviews.

Customer Service Manager - Romexsoft USA


Frisco, Texas

Supervised four technical support staff who provided tier II support for all escalated issues involving e-commerce, e-business, data architecture, and e-marketing via chat. Managed staff hiring, training, mentoring, and scheduling. Prepared 360˚ performance reviews. Determined quality requirements for technical support, general product, and service inquiries. Analyzed customer business requirements and established quantifiable processes for chat support. Tracked client timeframes, budgets, and progress of development projects. Authored technical documentation and defined document structure, processes, and timelines; prepared development, help, and software content. Maintained databases for client-owned software solutions, analyzed QA testing in support of launch, and reviewed database performance to verify accuracy and load capacity.

Key Achievements:

• Earned promotion into management role after only six weeks as Technical Support Analyst.
• Played key role in driving software product launch from beta to implementation in seven months.
• Managed six-week software redesign initiative from GUI perspective, overseeing $50K project budget, contributions of two software developers, and interactions with client, including writing specifications and determining priorities, testing features, and providing final approval of release.
• Constructed baseline QA checklist, resulting in fewer defects to SaaS product once live.
• Designed policies and procedures to streamline technical support experience for customers.
• Provided guidance regarding software specifications, review processes, budgets, and long-term planning.


User Experience Design - General Assembly


Course Overview

Abstract about why UX Course Was So Amazing and What It Helped Me Achieve

Foundations in Australia Tax - The Tax Institute


Course Overview

Abstract about why Tax Course Was So Amazing and What It Helped Me Achieve

Data Analytics - General Assembly


Course Overview

Abstract about why UX Course Was So Amazing and What It Helped Me Achieve


The University of Texas at Austin


Bachelor of Liberal Arts – Literature with minor in Business

UT was great for me because I was able to explore so many different areas (Engineering, Radio Television and Film, Spanish) before deciding to double down on my first love – literature.  During this time I was also fortunate to spend a semester abroad in Colima, Mexico studying Spanish and Mexican culture.

Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts - Austin


Associates of Applied Science in Culinary Arts – Cum Laude

With a Food Network addiction and severe disapproval from my parents, I decided to attend Culinary School as clearly I was going to be the next Rachael Ray minutes after graduation. Culinary school was amazing not only for the discipline, skills, and creative application, but because it was a defining moment in my adult life to follow a passion for myself all on my own.


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Seeing my work in action is easy – but bringing it to life for others is always a challenge.

Below are just a few examples of changed experiences I have been able to affect in my career to date, as well as projects and personal accomplishments that I am proud of.

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    144 King St, Melbourne VIC
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